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Kiln Firing

The kilns at the Cairns Potters Club are available to club members either individually or as a group for firing artworks. 

Bookings can be made by contacting the Kiln Officer, Amanda McGahan by SMS on Ph: 0409 153 686.  

Each member is entitled to have one bisque and two glaze firings per  month.  Members must ensure their previous firing has been paid for before making a subsequent booking.  

The club has three electric kilns, 1 raku kiln, 1 glass slumping kiln and a jewellery kiln.  Four days are allowed for kiln 1 to cool and three days for kiln 2.  Only one kiln may be fired at a time.

Members are to follow the pre-firing and post-firing procedures which are detailed at the club.  This includes making sure that kiln shelves are coated with kiln wash (provided by the club) prior to firing,  kiln shelves are numbered and logged on firing sheets and any cracks or glaze drips on the shelves are reported to the kiln officer.  This ensures the continued functioning of the kilns for all members.

Kiln firing sheets are to be completed for every firing recording the units of electricity before and after each fire to calculate the applicable firing cost.  Cones are provided and there are a number of stoneware and raku glazes available for use with the cost calculated based on the size of the item being glazed.


Electric kiln - $1.00/kw 

Raku kiln - single fire - $25

Raku kiln - half day - $50

Raku kiln - full day - $90

The person booking the firing must take responsibility for the total cost of the firing and the condition of the equipment on completion.  Any issues are to be reported to the Kiln Officer, Amanda McGahan Ph: 0409 153 686.

Note that you have to be approved by our kiln sub-committee before you will be granted access to use the kilns unsupervised.