Kiln Firings and Glazes

The Club will endeavor to allow members to have at least one bisque and two stoneware glaze firings a month.  If you do not have sufficient work to fill a kiln, you may wish to share a firing with some other club members.

Check kiln availability on the kiln calendar linked below.



The potter in charge needs to pay for the firings and glazes on the day they fire. The money can be paid directly into the club account (Cairns Potters Club — BSB 633 108 — A/c number 119552826) , remembering to add name and kiln  firing when  the money is deposited into the club account.


The payment can also be done by cheque to Cairns Potters Club Inc.  P.O. Box 1470 Cairns Qld 4870.

Bookings can be made with Nigel Perera:


Mobile: ‭0409459013 (Text messages only)


One potter must be in charge of the booked kiln firing and must pay for the full firing and glazes costs for themselves or the group involved and enter details in Firing & Glaze log (on table in kiln room). See instructions on cover of Firing Log book.

The club only does stoneware firings, so if a potter wants to have a mid-range or low firing in the electric kilns, they need to do the firings themselves using the existing programs and use their own safe and stable glazes.  Any requests for a program change need to be referred to Nigel.



If using club glazes, the cost must be added to the firing costs. See the chart in the glaze room indicating the glaze cost for different sized work.

The Club provides around 10 glazes for members to use, however you are welcome to use your own SAFE (and very stable) glazes for the firings, which you have purchased or made up using your own ingredients.  


See instruction sheet on inside of Firing Logbook.